You and I at the Baron's Altar... I smoke a cigar in his honor to do work on your behalf. This working is with Woventear only 208-570-4247

Cigar with The Baron

  • There are no refunds for Readings. However if for some reason your are not able to get your reading on the date and time set up. You will be able to reschedule. 

  • The Baron is of the "Guede" family and is sentinel of the crossroads. Even the most powerful of Witches, alchemists, practitioners cannot accomplish any spells or magick without the consent or approval of the Baron. As an ally, he is the strongest of protectors and healers... ( if he chooses). The Baron is the ruler of the cemetery and transitions in both life and death. He is often considered the patron Lwa of New Orleans. Baron Samedi is superb at legal battles, court, victory, justice, sexuality, major life transitions and bringing cash quickly! He brings enormous power to magick rituals and a fierce protector of children! Baron Samedi is known to be very wise & honest in his responses to those seeking his help. Invoke him when you honestly need help and you have done all you can on your own for the situation. Many fear him because of his power and relation to death. Death is symbolic for the next transition, to fear him is to reject his power, protection, and help. Baron Samedi rules over sex and death, he loves a party, he has a sense of humor (the dirtier the better) but yet is reverent towards the dead, especially as they cross over to the other side. When the Baron shows up, you know something big is going down. He is extremely honest. Don't ask him a question if you don't want to know the answer. We cannot connect with those who have gone before us without him. He decides to dig your grave or not... He can end a situation, an argument, a relationship, etc. 

    Try my Baron Oil ~ created with cemetery earth from the Baron's Cross, dragon's blood, patchouli, galangal root, black pepper and allspice.